As part of our forces topic in Science, we have been learning about gravity, the effect of friction, air resistance, water resistance and also how gears, levers and pulleys allow a smaller force to have a greater effect.

We had 5 different stations this week and we explored and investigated each of the following areas:

  • Water Resistance – investigating how long different shapes of plasticine of the same mass took to sink
  • Friction – investigating how long different materials took to slide down a slope of different coverings took.
  • Gears – investigating how many turns different sized cogs made, and how these fit together to make objects move.
  • Pulleys – explored how pulleys help us to lift heavier objects more easily
  • Levers – exploring how can change the direction of a force or magnify it.

Fantastic French

In our French lessons, we have started to learn the numbers 20-60, the days of the week and months of the year. Here are the songs that we have been using in class.

Timeline Detectives

As part of our History topic, we started by looking at periods of British History.  We had timeline cards without the dates on and we needed to work as a team to discuss and then put our timelines in order, discussing our reasons and using our previous knowledge and the pictures as clues.

We then learnt the correct chronological order for the British History timeline. before being posed a question “When was England formed?” This will form the basis of our History topic this term.