Year 5 Updates

Hello Year 5,

I hope you are all well and keeping safe at home. I just wanted to say thank you to all the children that have been sending in photographs and messages to the school postbox and to our Class Dojos and for all of the work you have been submitting to Google Classroom through Wonde.

It has been so lovely to see and hear what you have been up to and to keep in touch. Please keep sending in more and if you haven’t already, then it would be wonderful to hear and see what you have been doing during lock down.

Here are some of the fantastic things Year 5 have been getting up to during lock down.

Liliah has been doing several activities including her school work. Here Liliah is having fun with music and playing the drums, cooking and working with money.

Finley has also been getting up to some wonderful activities – including dyeing his hair purple! During Lock down, Finley and his sisters have been busy making bird feeders and preparing for the VE day celebrations. Finley has also been busy baking, tie dyeing, practicing his martial arts and planting.

Adam has also been busy doing his work and taking part in fun activities since we started lock down. Here Adam and Zofia were busy at Easter decorating eggs and taking part in an Easter egg hunt. Adam has also been busy creating nets for 3D shapes, constructing and getting lost in his books.

Liam busily prepared for VE Day celebrations by making this wonderful flag to mark the special occasion.

Paige has also been extremely busy – also dyeing her hair using coloured crepe paper. Her hair is now blue! As well as this, she has also been completing her home learning tasks, enjoying movie nights in the garden and baking.

Robyn has been busy also creating music using glasses and water – she had to be ever so careful not to break the glass!

Year 5 – Please keep me updated with all that you are doing. It makes me extremely happy to see all the fabulous things you are doing.

Take care and keep in touch,

Miss Atkins xx

VE Day home celebrations ๐ŸŽ‰

Hello Year 5, I hope you are all well and saying safe at home.
Today is a really different day to what we were expecting, we have missed out whole school celebration, but I hope you are all able to celebrate at home.

This is a photo of my local parkโ€™s war memorial , we should have had a big event today that I was going to help with, but we had to cancel it.

I went out first thing this morning and had my daily bike ride. We have also tried to decorated the house – the large union flags have not arrived, so it looks a little bit empty at the moment.

This afternoon I have baked a cake, something that I have not done for a while, and something I had been planning to do since school closed! We are now about to have a BBQ to finish the bank holiday.

Please remember to let us know how you have been celebrating, we love to see your photos in school. Take care and I hope to see you all soon.
Mr Stephens

VE Day Celebrations

Today, 8th May 2020, is the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Victory in Europe Day marks the day in 1945 when Britain and its allies accepted the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany, bringing the war in Europe to an end.

We may not be celebrating today’s important event the way in which we, as a school, had planned. However, many of the staff and children are still planning to mark the day and celebrate it by taking part in different activities – albeit in a different way.

Many of us are going to celebrate at home today by hanging bunting, waving flags or maybe even dressing in red, white and blue. I am sure many of us will be watching programmes on television, enjoying tea parties and maybe even singing wartime songs.

Last night, Miss Atkins watched a programme about a wartime sweetheart, who is known as Dame Vera Lynn. She is widely known for singing songs during the war to the troops. Her most famous songs, that I am sure you will recognise from our previous remembrance assemblies at school, are ‘We’ll Meet Again’ and ‘The White Cliffs of Dover’.

This morning, I remembered all of the service men and women along with the rest of the nation as I watched the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall lead the 2 minute silence at Balmoral Castle.

Miss Atkins and Little Miss Atkins have also been busy making and decorating treats for afternoon tea. We have made a large chocolate rice crispy chocolate cake and decorated it with a pink and white marshmallow Union Jack.

I can’t wait to try it with a lovely cup of tea!

I would really like you to share how you are celebrating this special day of remembrance with your family. If you would like to share your photographs of how you are celebrating VE Day, please send them to or upload them to class dojos.

Take care Year 5 and enjoy celebrating VE Day in your own special way.

Hope to see you all soon,

Miss Atkins x

Hello from Miss Hill

Hello Year 5,

I hope youโ€™re all keeping safe and are well. I am really missing all of you. It has been strange not seeing you and your lovely smiley faces ๐Ÿ˜€.

I am truly looking forward to seeing you all, once we can all come back to school.

I have been keeping very busy, when Iโ€™ve not been at school. I have been doing lots of work in my back garden. It is almost finished!! I am so excited to have a BBQ when the sun comes back. I have been doing my college work, going on lots of walks, nagging my children (to do their school work)-you know like I do with you, to make sure you do lots of reading? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป I hope youโ€™re all still reading everyday and doing all of the work Miss Atkins sets up for you. I am sure there will be rewards for the children that have.

Once again,I miss you all and look forward to seeing you as soon as it is safe to do so.

Take care

Lots of love

Miss Hill